Porchlight website research

1.  What do you think of the design of the website?  Discuss colour/font/what grabs your attention.

1.I think the the porchlight website is a very eye-catching site, the images  catch your attention with how it show the homeless people are living throught the pictures.

2. what year did porchlight start.

2. It started in 1974 and is still goin till 2009 so far and we carry on.

3. What images do u see on the home page.

3. I see images of homeless people and it also show in the images what porchlight do for the homeless  people.

4.  What do you think after watching Jay’s film?  What emotions did you feel?

4. After watchin Jay’s film, it made me kinda feel for him because it wasn’t his fault he was out on the streets and his friend who he thought was his friend threw his belongins out on the streets.

5.  Watch 35 years of changing lives – what role does porchlight provide and how have they helped homeless people over the years?

5.  Porchlight provides a role to all homeless people, they try to help them in every way they can. They have helped people by giving them a flat to live in, they also give them some money they might need for food until they can find a job and live for themself.

6. Browse through the photo gallery – what sort of images are shown and how do they make you feel?

6. The type of images that are shown are the pictures of the homeless people having a good time and when they were on trips somtimes, they make me feel ok for them and that they are doing ok for themselfs.

7. What is porchlights slogan?

7. Changing live for ever.

8.  What other stories can you find to do with homeless people and how do they make you feel?

8. The other stories that you can find to do with homeless people are the stories about Matt, Karl, Jay’s and Tommy’s.

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